Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodbye "Home" Magazine Subscriptions - you are so "early-millenium"!

I am employed, I have a loving husband, 2 beautiful children and a beautiful home.....and I love reading home decor magazines.  But lately I started to realize that I feel "bad" about my life every time I open up one of the home magazines I subscribe to - and they make me lose perspective. I live in one of the greatest countries in the world, where I am free from unjust persecution, I have personal safety, a strong education and social security network for my family.  We do not suffer from natural disasters, we do not go hungry and we do not suffer from an extreme corrupt government or religious fanaticism - we live in utopia.  But every time I open up a home magazine, I forget all that - and I focus on what I don't my sofa colours aren't quite the right neutral, my accent colours are so last year......

Hubby and I built my dream kitchen back in 2006, so our kitchen is almost 6 years old.... relatively new - and I loved it until...... Imagine my shock and horror when I opened up one of those home magazines and saw a kitchen that looked very much like mine.... and it was the BEFORE picture!  The caption under it read that the client wanted to remodel their "dated early-millennium kitchen".   Are you #$%^&!#! kidding me? Early millennium???!!!?? So now, whenever I walk into the kitchen I once loved, I now see a dated early-millennium kitchen. That's insane. That's it, I'm done, this is not healthy.  No more home magazines for me. House and Home - Goodbye.  Style at Home - Goodbye.  I will miss the eye candy, but I am not going to let you make me feel bad about my home.... which isn't perfect, but it's mine and filled with love, family and friends......I am extremely fortunate even if my paint colour sucks.