Monday, January 10, 2011

Organizing: 10 minutes of work....a weekend of Bliss!

I subscribe to quite a few organizing blogs, and many of them encourage you to spend 10 minutes tackling a small thing that bugs you.  They claim that 10 minutes is all it takes, and although I was skeptical, I thought I would give it a try, and you know what? They were right!

This past Saturday, I decided to clean out the drawer that keeps all of my Tupperware (i mean food storage containers, why is it that I still insist on calling it Tupperware, even though I don't actually own any of that brand, and haven't in about 2 decades!).  I had bought a few new containers, and I was worried they wouldn't fit in my jumbled mess of a drawer.  When we designed our kitchen a few years ago, I deliberately made a very large drawer for all these "Tupperware" type items to try and keep them in control. 
This drawer, as large as it is, is always a mess - a jumble of containers and lids - and even though sometimes it is neater than at others, it never really looks that great.  It bugs me.

Jugs in their new home.
So, I emptied everything out - put the matching lid on the right container, threw out all the leftover bits and pieces (there wasn't as much to throw out as I thought), and had a good long think about how it is that I can't fit everything into this huge drawer...... then it dawned on me that my plastic juice jugs are the problem - they are too large to stand upright, so they are on their sides, rolling about and making the drawer messy - taking up a lot of space.  So I found an alternate home for those few items and low and behold, it worked! 

TA DA!!!
All of my containers fit into my drawer perfectly! All of the plastic ones even have their lids on - INCREDIBLE!  It looks so great that all weekend, every time I went into the kitchen, I opened that drawer and let out a very contented sigh.  Hubby was a little concerned that I was so "turned on by Tupperware"  - but hey, whatever floats your boat!  It literally took 10 minutes, and it made my day!  So my friends, I encourage you to take the challenge and just spent 10 minutes organizing a small part of your home that bothers you (a counter top, a drawer, whatever!) - it's incredibly satisfying!

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  1. Great job! I need to tackle our "Tupperware" cabinet too! I love your storage containers. They look great! Thanks for sharing!