Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go To Lunches: Beans on Toast

Beans on toast is one of my ultimate comfort foods - and what makes it a winner is it's absolute simplicity as a pantry meal.  I don't often eat canned food, but Heinz Beans in tomato sauce is an exception - and on a really cold day, or a day when I just don't want to think about cooking, it's a great lunch.  Sadly, my hubby still thinks that it's disgusting - but he's never bothered to try it, he just objects in principle.  Given that he has a British mother, I am surprised that he was never given this meal as a child because it was a staple in Leah's family home - where I spent a lot of my childhood.  In highschool, Leah and I would often end up at her house for lunch, and more often than not, we would have beans on toast.  No recipe here - just open a can of Heinz beans in tomato sauce (it's even better if you can get Marks and Spencer beans - but we don't have them in Canada anymore) and heat it up on the stove.  Meanwhile, toast a slice or two of bread and slather with butter.  Put beans on top of toast and sprinkle with some freshly ground  black pepper and enjoy with a large glass of milk.  YUM!  You'll need a knife and fork to eat it.  I encourage you to give this really simple go-to lunch a try.  Buy some beans (remember for an authentic experience, it's important that it's beans in tomato sauce, not browned beans) and keep them in your pantry - next time you have no idea what to have for lunch, give it a try!

So, I'll put it out there - is this disgusting?  Maybe I love it because it's so simple and brings back such happy memories......  Do you have any comforting foods like that?  Ones that make the rest of the world cringe, but make you smile?


  1. My go-to comfort food is similar - mushroom soup on toast :) Don't know which of my great-aunts thought of trying it the first time, but it was always a special treat, and I couldn't tell you how many times I made it in university when I wanted a touch of home. I've tried it on my kids, but they won't touch it, even the ones fond of mushroom soup :(
    To make it, put slices of bread on a cookie sheet, slather with cream of mushroom soup right out of the can (do NOT add milk lol), then put under the broiler until it starts to bubble and the edges turn brown.
    Hmmm, think I might just have to make some now.

  2. Wow Jan! thanks for the mushroom soup on toast....sounds, well, interesting...... But I guess like my beans on toast, it's a comfort thing! I hope you enjoyed your lunch!

  3. Just had some beans as part of a traditional english breakfast down from the hotel - beans here in UK are truly different from Heinz beans, so much more sauce with them. Mind you - the bacon is better too!!!! Not even going to get started on the scones and clotted cream that I had over a glass of wine ...!

  4. Leah, that last comment must be you.... hope you are enjoying London. I had beans on toast today, because I was thinking about you and how I didn't get a chance to wish you "bon voyage" on your short trip. Enjoy!

  5. Am indeed enjoying London, the weather is beautiful, 17 degrees and sunny- had lunch outside today with only a sweater on. Beautiful, trees and flowers are affront to bloom, so nice to see evidence of spring.