Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Beautiful Girl.

Today my little girl turns 8.  She's not so little any more, and I love watching her grow into the person she is becoming.....and I am always suprised by the things I have learned over the last 8 years......

Still waters run deep.  She is shy and quiet, but very observant.  She isn't as physically strong as other kids, but she tries - making my heart fill with pride and break all at the same time.  She loves to dance (but only when nobody is watching).  She loves to shut herself up in her room and play music and sing into her microphone.  She has quite a temper - which may come as a surprise to the rest of the world (she usually saves it for us lucky people at home!).  She's daddy's little girl - and knows it.  She has an unexpected thrill-seeking nature - she loves roller coasters and horseback riding.  She loves her friends - a day without a friend coming over is like a day without sunshine.  She isn't very organized - AT ALL (I keep hoping that her organization genes will kick in sometime soon).   She doesn't like to read - but I am still hopeful! She loves to swim.  Everyone thinks she doesn't talk much - until they get her on her own.  She doesn't like large groups and tends to go into herself or escape with a friend or two - if you want to get to know her, spend some time alone with her.  She doesn't like chocolate - simply vanilla please.  She loves watching movies (but scary ones give her nightmares for days).  She likes to watch me play online Srabble on my ipad.  She has an incredible palate - she will eat just about anything (just not very much of it!).  She loves skating - even though it is something that is very physically challenging for her to do, and she falls down - a lot.  She loves to help out in the vegetable garden, and takes great pride in our annual harvest.  She is an introvert - but she loves people - and often doesn't realize she needs to spend some time on her own to recharge, until it's too late.  She's very petite girl with a tiny voice - until you get her mad.  She is loyal, and sticks up for her friends.  She is learning to like babies and small children (this didn't come naturally) - they aren't all gross, even though they do drool.  She loves playing with her Barbies.  She doesn't like shopping.  She doesn't photograph well when you ask her to pose so we rarely buy her annual school photo (ever see that Friend's episode when Chandler and Monica are taking their engagement photos??).  She is definitely starting to develop an attitude, and it's pissing me off. She is learning to be kinder to her brother.  She loves drawing and designing clothes.  She is responsible and follows the rules.  She is devastated when she gets in trouble at school (which has only happened once).  She makes a mess of her room every day when she gets dressed.  She wants to work in an ice-cream store when she grows up.  Her eyes change colour - sometimes they are brown, sometimes they are green.  She doesn't like wearing socks, and I often find them randomly scattered throughout the house.  She has just recently developed a fear of the dark (seriously, now? She's 8!). She likes putting signs up on her door (the current one reads "no little boys alawd").  She's an atrocious speller - and she doesn't care.  She doesn't like tights or leggings that are actually tight.....this causes lots of problems in the morning.  She loves using the camera to take pictures, and she's surprisingly good at it!  She thinks that "strangers" are just friends we haven't met yet.....and I hope she goes through life with that perspective (paired with a little healthy caution). 

Happy 8th Birthday my beautiful girl.

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