Friday, January 14, 2011

Adorable Chandelier for Kat's room!

Our house is over 40 years old, and the bedrooms all still had that plain builder's grade light fixtures in them.   I have been meaning to change them since we moved in 4 years ago, but it's just one of those things you find when you find them (you probably won't have much luck if you go out actually looking to buy one on the weekend).  I was at HomeSense picking up some last minute Christmas gifts and stumbled on what I think is an adorable chandelier for Kat's room. It was perfect, pink, crystals and butterflies.....what's not to love?

She had more than enough gifts for Christmas, so we decided to install it for her as a surprise for having done so well on improving her reading this year.  Although she says she likes it, I think I like it more....
The downside is that her little brother now wants a nice light for his room..... anyone have any great light fixture ideas for boys?

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