Monday, January 3, 2011

Not the kind of purging I had in mind....

My mother had graciously offered to take the kids early in the afternoon on New Year's Day, so that hubby and I could enjoy some peace and quiet while we put Christmas away, and found homes for all the new toys that came into the house over the holidays.  Nothing gets hubby more randy than the prospect of a good purge (he loves getting rid of stuff) - but New Year's day had another type of purge in mind.....My stomach was rather unsettled (and it wasn't from drinking the night before), and by evening it was official, I had a stomach bug that had me in bed (or hugging the toilet) for the rest of the night.  Not quite the type of purging I had in mind....
Luckily before I felt sick, we did manage to put all of the holiday decorations away, pack up some toys to donate, tidy my daughter's room and go through some boxes we wanted to get rid of  in the office.  Still pretty productive - but not everything I wanted to get done with the burst of New Year's resolve that I have to get rid of all the crap that clutters my house. 

Now, I figured the bright side here was that with the stomach flu I could get a start on my passive aggressive weight loss strategy (see my new year's resolutions).  Hey, if I am not eating for over 24 hours, I am bound to lose some weight, right?  WRONG!!!   Seriously??!!!  Are you kidding me???? I gained 5 pounds. 

Excuse me while I go inhale a cheesecake, looks like my body needs some reverse psychology.

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  1. Oh no! You're all better right? Wish you a happy, HEALTHY and prosperous new year!