Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Asking : Good Recipes for home-made "Shake 'n Bake"?

As in many households, chicken is a dinner time staple at our house.  My kids are rather fussy with meat, and one day out of sheer desperation I bought "shake 'n bake".  Well, my kids loved it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am paranoid about hidden ingredients, or ones I can't pronounce - and my little man has an allergy to soy - which seems to be in everything.  So,  I have been on a mission to make my own shake 'n bake style coating that is ready to go in my pantry whenever I need it. 

My efforts so far have been great on crunch (using Panko instead of breadcrumbs) but not so great on flavour (tending to be over salty, or not flavourful enough). 

Has anyone out there come up with a great recipe that for home made Shake 'n Bake?  It would be even better if it could approximate the great flavours in KFC's 11 herbs and spices!

Help a girlfriend out?


  1. Try dipping in milk/egg mixture, then tossing in a baggie with crushed Corn Flakes mixed with Montreal Chicken seasoning. Not sure about the soy content in Corn Flakes, as I don't have any in the original box to check, but the seasoning is soy-free. We add a little cajun spices or a few crushed peppers sometimes too, as we like to heat things up a touch.

  2. Yum, thanks! I will give it a try. The soy isn't a problem is usually with spice mixes having some sort of soy protein or soy lecithin in it. I will give this a try!

  3. My boys love when I dip chicken in Ranch dressing (purchase or make your own) and then roll it in crushed gold fish crackers. Of course you can substitute the crackers for any version that meets your needs from an ingredients perspective but still offers the yummy cheesy taste. You may already own the Hospital for Sick Children recipe books? They are a great resource for making your own versions of food that kids love with healthy ingredients. One of the versions has a recipe for homemade ranch dip. Good Luck!

  4. Thanks Shelley, That does sound good! I don't have that cookbook - but I will certainly borrow it from the library to see if it is a good one to then buy! I will have to look at the ingredients on the package of goldfish crackers, they often have soy lecitin.