Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Battle of the Spritz....not so spectacular.

Most years, for teachers, coworkers and neighbours I put together a gift box of home baked goodies.  The box is spectacular, filled with home made jeweled fudge, spiced nuts (it's a favourite that gets in every year) and hand iced sugar cookies....this year, not so spectacular.  The sugar cookies I usually do are spectacular, but they take days to make, so this year I was on the lookout for cookies that would be festive and yummy (I was willing to sacrifice spectacular) and easy to make in mass quantities.  I decided to dust off my cookie press and quickly make hundreds of spritz cookies, using an inspiring recipe I found on sugarcrafter.  So, I took 2 days off to tend with Christmas baking to demonstrate to fellow employees, that not only do I work full time, take care of 2 kids, a house, and a husband, but I take the time to make personal gifts from the heart.... aren't I spectacular! 

Well, let me tell you, they weren't easy.  The dough is delicious, the cookie press is really just a disguised torture device.  The darn cookies kept sticking to the press, and falling apart, I have a blister on my hand from the damn lever..... this was not the way I wanted to first demonstrate my prowess in the kitchen on my blog. 
On the upside, they do taste good (I can't take credit for the recipe), and as my nanny said, "they look OK". OK wasn't quite what I was going for......oh well, there is always next year......
Does anyone have a "spectacular", yet easy to produce by the hundreds, holiday cookie recipe?

This is the cookie press, otherwise known as torture device.

The final product. I guess they are "OK"

Towards the end, I gave up on the press and tried out some other things with the dough.  They weren't so "spectacular" either. 
I think I will go to the post office and mail my Christmas cards now.  Hopefully I can get that right and build my ego back up again......

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