Friday, December 10, 2010

Jump in.

In January 2010, I made a New Year's resolution to start a blog.  To share my love of cooking, tips for keeping a home running smoothly, funny stories, and to exercise my "writing"  muscle.  After nearly a full year of contemplating blogging platforms, agonizing over titles (most of them were taken by the way!), content, anonymitiy issues, etc - I decided to take the plunge, and just start.  So here I am, warts and all, putting myself out there in the blogging world.

All of the blogging experts say that you should have a clear focus for your blog (i.e. cooking, design, etc), well, not much about me is focused, and I struggle with perpetual monkey-brain (jumping from one topic to another), so I have decided to embrace that and just be myself.  So here it is, a blog about everything I like to talk about.... pretty selfish, I know, but I hope you will join me for the ride.   I have decided to remain anonymous.... yes, I am hoping that eventually people other than my close friends and family may join in and read!  I have learned the hard way that the world is a much smaller place than I think it is.  So to protect the innocent, I will use pseudonyms when I tell stories. 

Girlfriendlifeline.... not my first choice for a title, but an appropriate one, I think. My girlfriends have been a constant lifeline for me, my sounding boards, my shoulders to cry on, etc.  But as our families grow, and our lives become busier, finding the time to connect gets harder.  Usually, by the time I have a few minutes to myself and want to sit down and connect with a girlfriend, it is far too late to call.  So, I am hoping this blog will fill that void , and hopefully others will enjoy it as well.  I hope to share funny stories, ask for advice, share cooking tips, and discuss topics which are relevant to me as a working professional mom with a young family.  You will meet a cast of incredible characters (i.e. my friends and family), and hopefully you will laugh and learn and come to love them all as much as I do. The best part is, we can have these conversations any time of day or night.... whenever we get the chance to sit and "chat".   A virtual girlfriendlifline, why not? 

Look at me, I think I just jumped in.

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