Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, you're so perfect you could be fake!

Every year we have the grand debate.... do we continue to go for a fresh tree, or do we finally give in and get a fake one (or is the politically correct term, permanent tree?).  Well, once again, the real tree won!  We packed the kids up in the minivan after school and went to our local nursery on the hunt for the perfect tree. 

I hope that every year we make happy memories for the kids - that they will remember picking the tree, then playing hide and seek throughout the nursery, darting in an out of hundreds of trees.  I hope they don't pick up on "holy crap, they want how much?" or the cursing under our breaths as we try to get the thing in the car.   I am glad to report that this year, the cursing under our breath was kept to a minimum, and there was much laughter and happiness all around.  And if I do say so myself it's the perfect tree - my favourite, a Fraser Fir.  I love the hue of green, the very full branches, good needle retention and perfect symmetry....perhaps too perfect......

We had a couple of friends over last night, and one was shocked that the tree was real, she assumed that it was fake since it was so "perfect".   Now that gave me pause.  Every year we look for the perfect tree......does that mean all this time everyone has thought our tree is fake?  I think this adds a new dimension to our annual debate.

Either way, I think it's beautiful.

So, real or fake?  What gets your vote?

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